Clines v.2.10

Basic Information

The conditions for MDL application Clines

Install and Uninstall

    Installation is performed by using file InstallClinesV8i.exe.

   Installation consist of the following files: MDL application of MicroStationu.

   It's installing to the MicroStation's directory defined by variable MDLAPPS.

   After starting InstallClinesV8i.exe, the installation will be performed by a standards way. Customer must only setup destination for MicroStation V8i, Bentley Map PowerView V8i or PowerDraft V8i.

    Uninstalling is the same process like uninstalling any other software from computer.

    Uninstall will remove following files from the computer:

Start MDL application Clines

 MDL application Clines can be started in several ways:

After starting the MDL application Clines, it opens main dialog window.

Settings - Type of Elements

MDL application Clines can convert these elements into linestrings:

  • Multiline
  • Arc
  • MDL application Clines can Arcs and Ellipses

    Settings - Method of conversion Arcs into LineStrings

    There are two methods how to convert Arcs into LineStrings:

    For examples, if in TextDialog Number Of Entered Vertexes is 3, that means that the Arc converted into LineString will have start and end points like in source Arc and 3 new vertexes will be symmetrically distributed on the Arc.

    More number of entered vertexes causes that new linestring are more similar to original Arc and vice versa.

    It is easy, but Arcs in the design has different of lengths, but the number of entered vertexes are the same.


    It is better way how to convert Arcs elements into LineStrings, this method reflects to differences of Arc's length in design.



    Settings - Type of Working

    MDL application Clines can convert elements in main design:

            (press push-button Change and point at the graphics element by mouse)

            (select elements and press push-button Change)

  • Fence - elements defined by MicroStation Fence
  •         (select elements by fence and press push-button Change)

  • Design - all elements in the main design
  •         (press push-button Change)


    Files and Directories

    Installation file:


    File created by MDL application Clines


    Technical Support MDL application Clines

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